I can Design

I'm passionate about planning and designing interfaces that work beautifully across platforms. I believe that mixing science and us is fundamental for making great human experiences.

I can Prototype

My experience as a front-end developer made me a problem-solver. Being a front end developer allows for me to quickly produce high quality prototypes.

I can build apps

Mobile interface designs require different understanding of user behavior. I have designed and implemented UIs for a number of applications, both for iOS and Android.



Winners of UX/Designers Category at the Seattle Startup Weekend

Eneract is a consumer-focused service. It retrieves the users’ day-to-day activities and energy consumption. Eneract partners with Merchants and utility companies. In return, we bring more customers to our partners. And the partners give rewards to the end customers.

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"User-centered design means working with your users all throughout the project."

- Don Norman