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Oracle OCI Single Pane

Single Pane allows to view multiple Jira SD instances within a single user interface.

Supply chain management tool

Reduce shortages by giving accurate and timely information to suppliers.

Retail search & watch

Encourage customers to continue their research with additional video content.

Video Lightbox

This lightbox serves as a tool to browse, view and discover video content within amazon.com. Both, desktop and mobile versions are available for these purposes.

Creator Portal

Amazon customers can now add videos to their favorite products. Incentivizing customers and making it easy for them to create videos.

AWS Config. Monitor and record configuration changes

AWS Config was the first product in a new line of AWS cloud computing tools designed to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of your AWS resources.

Advanced Filtering (Responsive)

Users on responsive search have started using the advanced criteria by 20% less. The location of the Advanced FIlters feature it is hard to discover. As a result, customer find hard to narrow down options when selecting diamonds.

MoxiEngage helps to improve manage real estate business

A software productivity solution for real estate agents and brokerages that could be accessed from smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Amazon Video Shopping Experience

Marvel fans can now add videos to their favorite toys at amazon.com.

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