Task: Design an upload video experience for amazon.com


Understand your goal.

As an Amazon customer, I want to share my personal perspective of a known product so I can influence others about the benefits and disbenefits of the product.


Define the audience.


  • Reviewers
  • Amazon customer
  • Influencers

When & Where?

Understand customer's context and needs.

Show the experience from the customers' perspective.

Time - interaction starts with the customer having feelings about a purchased item, any time of the day or week.

Location - From home, work or on the go

Need - Provide the best video feedback to other consumers to influence within the shopping experience.


List ideas (A, B, C...)

A. Upload page within Amazon. Add a simple page to be accessible from different entry points.
B. Web portal with different features. Upload, share, manage, stats...
C. Mobile first.
D. Onboarding upload process.

Prioritize, choose idea

List ideas (A, B, C...)

B and C are take more time to build. They can be V2 features.

D requires more research and visuals. It can be V2 implementation.

A - Biggest impact, creates new market. Faster to build.

Go with the biggest potential (D).


  • Search item.
  • Visit the Related Videos section withing the detail page.
  • Click on Uplad Video.
  • Choose the type of video you want to create/upload.
  • Take a video.
  • Upload video.
  • Enter information about the video.
  • (Optional) Enter description of video.


Measure success

To measure how successful our feature is in measuring customer engagement

  • Number of videos uploaded.
  • Task comletion time.
  • Engagement/
  • NPS
  • Task success rate.