Upload your own toy videos


Marvel fans can now add videos to their favorite toys at amazon.com.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Amazon.


My Role

Designing, coordinating with the toys content team, getting the Marvel video upload page put together, and getting it out in front of customers on the gateway page and the toys department page.

The Challenge

You got me at Marvel

As a comic lover and fan of the World of Marvel, the motivation of completing the following project was not an issue even though I have to take full responsibility for the delivery.

Allowing customers to upload videos about the new line of toys dedicated to the new Avengers Infinity War movie was the objective of the project. I was excited to give the opportunity to those Marvel lovers to describe their experience with the new toys via creating and uploading a video. As a result, these videos might influence other customers in their final purchase decision.

Desktop and Mobile

Original Plan

Initially, the idea consisted of me working as a UX designer to deliver the experience of users selecting a toy, that they have recently purchased, and simplify the process of uploading a video about the toy.

The Toys & Movies team provides us with a list of toys from which users can associate a video with. As a result, the task of searching and picking a toy was removed from the formula. I visioned the design to be very straightforward.

User case graphic.


Each toy shows, to its right, a carousel of uploaded videos. A "Be the first one to upload a video" link shows when a toy has not a video associated yet. Clicking on the video will open the video upload page.

I have been sketching my vague ideas to think through them more clearly. I love sketching because it forces me to visualize how things come together.
Wireframe that shows the layout for the page.

When suddenly...


Within working on one of my favorite phases of HCD process, prototyping; Bad news about the project.

“ You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry...”
HTML prototype (interrupted)

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

It is impossible for the engineers to build the "Upload your own toy video" in such as short time. Security and other technical constraints make it out of scope.

One week to deliver the page: Impossible

Bias for action

“ Speed matters in business. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. We value calculated risk taking.”

I'll do it!

Building a page from scratch

There is might be a way to build a simple page whose main function is to display toys and videos, no transaction required.

Internal tools

Amazon has great content management tools that allow Amazonians to create and upload simple content to pages. Also, it has a design content tool that helps, with limitations, to create widgets to be displayed on pages. All these tools were new to me. They are orientated to developers and PMs. Time to wear a different hat!

The learning curve took some time and frustration. Again, very limited tools for designing but great to deliver content.

Design constraints

  • Layout.
  • Widget based.
  • No HTML or CSS allowed.
  • No web controls.
  • No user testing. *sigh.

Well, let's do this.

The layout of the page was limited. All the components of the page are widgets that help to display the content. I have to design and built the necessary widgets in order to be able to display Toys and Videos.

I have intentionally omitted confidential data related to the capabilites of the tools used.

It is unbelievable how motivation and imagination can solve design constraints. I was really interested in completing the project. For customers and personal reasons. We know the customer's reasons, a way to provide helpful feedback to others users when buying. However, as a UX designer, it was very important for me to present a satisfactory solution even though I have to be the only character in the UCD process.

Is it possible for a UX designer to research, design, create visuals, test and build a solution? Does it really unicorns exist?

The final design is not close to what I was envisioning at the beginning of the project due to the design limitations. However, leadership from both organizations agreed with the efforts and results put on this project by a UX designer.

Upload your own toys video page. Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

The Impact

Positive results and much more to do

The Upload Toy Video Page has had a positive impact on the video uploading and viewing experience. The video uploading rate has been significantly increased which means customers like the idea of creating videos.

I have intentionally omitted confidential data here.